Photoshop Shadow Service

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Photoshop Shadow Service

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What is photoshop shadow service?

Photoshop shadow service is a technique used in photo editing to create a natural-looking shadow effect behind the subject of a photograph. This service is commonly used in the field of e-commerce, advertising, and product photography. The technique involves adding a shadow or a reflection to an image to create an illusion of depth and dimensionality. This creates a more professional and polished look for the images, which is crucial for businesses looking to showcase their products online. Photoshop shadow service requires skilled professionals who are proficient in image editing software and possess a keen eye for detail. With this service, businesses can enhance the visual appeal of their products and attract more customers.

Usually, drop shadow, reflection shadow, natural shadow, or authentic shadow might be added in product images. Products like shoes, mobile, wallets, rings, clothes, watches, underwear, etc., are the best for adding any shadow creation service. Besides this ghost mannequin, fashion photography group images are examples of applying photo shadow effect services. We create a new shadow to make the product image real and natural by making a drop, reflection, natural, existing shadow around the image.

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Drop shadow service

Drop shadow provides a realistic impression in the image that it looks like the object is floating above the shadow behind it. As the name, this shadow is dropped on the bottom of the object to increase field depth. With the drop shadow effect in photoshop, you may make your product image reliable to your customer. Consumers will really feel just like watching a genuine product and will buy. Drop shadow service is a must if you are an e-commerce website owner and want to make your eCommerce product photos attractive and realistic to the customer and boost your product sales.

Reflection shadow service

Reflection shadow creates flips it around to reflect on the original object and shade the background. Your eCommerce product photo can look like a highly reflective surface like a high glass table by adding reflection shadow. Reflection shadow service also creates the illusion that the product featured in your image is not only a disembodied picture but has a depth and stability which comes from its affinity to another surface.

Natural shadow service

Natural shadows always provide visual shade from the object, which originates from one specific light source. Also, the natural shadow is cast onto the object’s surface where it is placed on. Unlike the drop shadow effect, where the light source is hard to determine and the object appears to hover in free air, the natural shadow effect simulates a shadow that is cast onto the surface the object is placed on. The light source emulates the sun or a single lamp in a room. 

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Who needs the photoshop shadow service?

Any business that sells products online and wants to improve its image and make its website look more professional would need the Photo Shadow Effect service. This is because the Photo Shadow Effect service will create a realistic shadow effect on any images that are used on a business’ website. This will help to give the website a more polished look, and it will also make the images appear more realistic.


  • Online stores
  • Fashion houses
  • Jewelry shops
  • Fashion Photographers
  • Advertising Agencies
  • E-commerce sites
  • Product manufacturer